Floare de Colt : November challenge - on Beccy's Place - day 13

joi, 13 noiembrie 2014

November challenge -
on Beccy's Place - day 13

This is my card for day #13 (White with one) for November Challenge, on 
"Beccy's Place".

Pink Christmas

I chose for this project an image from Beccy's site: "Quilted heart - code #133".
Original image

Used materials: white and pink boards, transparent pink paper for the sentiment and 
                           the little bears, glitter and pink pearl paint pen and border punches.

Materiale utilizate:  carton: alb si roz, hartie transparenta pentru zona textului si ursuleti,
                                 sclipici,  " perlen pen" roz, perforatoare pentru margine.

And because I discovered a band, called "White With One", like in the challenge, 
I share it:

2 comentarii :

  1. I love seeing pink Christmas cards Suzana, they always look fabulous. I love how you have taken a non-Christmas image and used it for your card. Well done!

    1. Thank you, Beccy.
      Pink is an adorable color. And warm, for cold winters.