Floare de Colt : #Fiction Monday (47) - The wonder called life Minunea numita viata

sâmbătă, 28 august 2021

#Fiction Monday (47) -
The wonder called life
Minunea numita viata

This game is hosted by Vinitha Dileep, on her blog  'Reflections' and
I discovered it on Esha's  blog. This time  the  word prompt is 'WONDER'.

The fact is that I wonder all the time about so many things.
Each day I find amazing, special, interesting ideas, or just useful and
practice for my daily life. Or others' life.

I created this image as a metaphor of the abundance of ideas, connections,
findings that surround us, support  or just surprised us by effects and
synchronicities.  I am part of a huge Universe and I pray to understand
just a little bit about my journey in this space and about the wonder
called Life

My priority is to understand the power of this miracle and to protect it!

Realitatea este ca ma intreb tot timpul despre atatea lucruri!
In fiecare zi găsesc idei uimitoare, speciale, interesante, sau doar utile si
practice pentru viata mea de zi cu zi. Sau viata altora.

Am creat această imagine ca o metaforă a abundentei de idei, conexiuni,
descoperiri care ne inconjoara, ne sustin sau doar ne surprind prin efecte si sincronicitati. Fac parte dintr-un Univers imens si ma rog sa inteleg macar
un pic despre calatoria mea prin acest spatiu si despre minunea numita Viata!
Prioritatea mea este sa inteleg puterea acestui miracol si sa il protejez! 


#Fiction Monday (46) - Our inside treasure



8 comentarii :

  1. All of live is a miracle and your images are mysterious and provoking, just like life.

    1. I had a moment of inspiration and as I look deeper, I see more elements in the favor of my thoughts...
      Thank you a lot, Brian for sharing your opinion on this post.
      Miracles are everywhere, we just must be present and see them!
      Have a fine evening and a fabulous week!

  2. Răspunsuri
    1. 😊 Chiar asa? Poate fi o... iluzie din cauza TV-ului... 😊

  3. Por mucho que avance los conocimientos, más nos queda aún por descubrir.

    Somos muy poca cosa, en comparación con la inmensidad del Universo.


    1. Even the Universe is huge and we know not so much, I suppose is better not to feel overcome by this situation and do our best to learn and discover the mysteries of our world.
      A new week is just started, so I wish you to discover beautiful and interesting things transformed in beautiful images!

  4. Beautiful! How do you create these images, Suzana? The wonder of life needs a lot of patience and curiosity to understand fully. :) Glad you joined for #FictionMonday. Wish you a beautiful week!

    1. I usually use two programmes: https://www.tuxpi.com/ and http://www.phoxo.com/en/ for different effects.
      I am not sure that we really understand it fully. But we have to try, because it's important.
      Thank you, Vinitha! A beautiful week to you also!❤️