Floare de Colt : February challenge - on Beccy's Place

marți, 17 februarie 2015

February challenge - on Beccy's Place

This is my card for the challenge, on "Beccy's Place".
Aceasta este felicitarea mea pentru provocarea de pe site-ul  lui Beccy.

A gift for a friend

I chose from the site, the image: "Clematis Beccy".
Imaginea selectata a fost o o floare de clematita.

Clematis ( code #96)

- The image is printed on a white board (8.5 cm x 12 cm) with  waved borders,
   bonded on a red one from a kit for cards. 
   Imaginea este printata pe carton alb (8.5 cm x 12 cm) cu margine ondulata, 
   lipit pe un carton rosu pentru felicitari.
- The frame and the background  are painted in acrylic gold color.
   Marginea si fundalul sunt pictate cu o culoare acrilica arie.
- Two corners are punched and decorated with a  gold gel pen.
   Pentru colturi am folosit un perforator cu model si le-am decorat cu auriu.


- The bonded butterfly is punched and colored with pencils.
   Fluturele lipit este realizat cu un perforator si decorat cu creioane colorate.

Colored pencils and punched butterfly

- For the  clematis flower and sentiment I used colored brush pens.
   Pentru clematita si text am folosit carioci. 
- The hearts and curved line are embossed - red color.
   Inimioarele si linia ondulata sunt embosate cu rosu.
- For gold accents I used a gel pen.
   Accentele aurii sunt facute cu un pix cu gel. 
- I used shiny glitter for the middle of flowers and the center of butterfly.
   Am decorat cu glitter cu sclipici centrul florilor si mijlocul fluturelui.
- The backside butterfly is drawn with the same gel pen.
  The backside heart is a thin carved painted board bordered with the gel pen.
   Fluturele de pe spate este desenat cu pixul cu gel iar inimioara este decupata 
   dintr-un carton auriu si bordurata cu acelasi pix. 

Details: emossed heart, bonded butterfly, backward card side
(Detalii: inimioara embosata, fluture lipit si spatele felicitarii)

This is the end of my tutorial and now... I can post the card!
Felicitare pregatita de expeditie...

January challenge

2 comentarii :

  1. What lovely bright colours you've used for your card Suzana, the purple and red work great together. I love all the sparkly glitter you added and the butterfly is lovely. Well done!

  2. Thank you, Beccy.
    I realize, together with this challenge, how beautiful colors has a clematis flower, in the real world...