miercuri, 24 septembrie 2014

September Challenge
on Beccy's Place

I would like to present my creation on Beccy's Place, for 
September Challenge.
Vreau sa prezint creatia mea pe site-ul Beccy's Place, pentru provocarea lunii septembrie.

Decor heart

I chose this time the image: "Quilted Heart, code #133".
Am ales din site imaginea "Quilted Heart, cod #133".

Used materials: round cork board, white napkin, acrylic colours,
                                 perlen pens, shiny powder, napkin glue,varnish.

Materiale utilizate: pluta, servetel alb,
culori acrilice, tuburi "perlen pen",
pudra sclipici, adeziv pentru servetele, vernis

- I printed the image on the white napkin and bonded it on the cork.
  Am tiparit imaginea pe servetel si l-am lipit pe bucata de pluta.
- I painted the image, put the shiny powder and made the lines    
  with the  perlen pens. Min. 6 hours to let it dry.
   Am pictat imaginea, am presarat sclipiciul si am trasat liniile cu tuburile "perlen pen".
   Minim 6 ore pentru uscare.

- I covered the surface with varnish, for protection.
    Am acoperit suprafata cu vernis, pentru protectie.

- I punched a small hole for the gift ribbon.
     Am realizat o mica gaura pentru panglica.

   And so, the nice image from Beccy's Place is transformed!  
  Enjoy it!

My creations for August Challenge, on Beccy's Place:
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Blossom heart - quilling

2 comentarii:

  1. Wow, what a fabulous project Suzana, you are very clever! I did not even recognise the image at first, I did not think it was something I had drawn. I am amazed at the transformation. Great job!

    1. Thank you Beccy ! You are too kind to say this. It is a pleasure working with your beautiful drawings. And, with a bit of imagination, the transformation was possible.