Floare de Colt : August Challenge ( reloaded ) on Beccy's Place

duminică, 24 august 2014

August Challenge ( reloaded )
on Beccy's Place

I would like to present another version of  my previous card, on
Beccy's Place, for August Challenge, in quilling technique.
Vreau sa prezint o alta versiune a felicitarii mele, pe site-ul Beccy's Place, pentru provocarea
lunii august, in tehnica quilling.

Blossom heart

 I used the same image: "Blossom branch, code: #129".
 Am utilizat aceeasi imagine din site: "ramura inflorita, cod #129".

Used materials:

mousse board (A4 format);
light yellow card board (A4 format);
paper strips for quilling, width = 3 mm ( for flowers and buds);
crepe paper for leaflets and center of flowers;
acrylic colours: gold, red and brown;
hobby glue.

Materiale utilizate: carton mousse, carton galben deschis, hartie quilling (3mm latime) pentru
flori, hartie creponata pentru frunzulite si centrele florilor, culori acrilice: auriu, rosu, maro, adeziv
pentru bricolaj.

- I printed the image on the light yellow board, cut it for 
  final dimension:15.5 cm x 21 cm and bonded on mousse board.
  Am tiparit imaginea pe cartonul galben, am decupat-o la cota finala: 15.5 cm x 21 cm

   si am lipit-o  pe cartonul mousse.
I created the flowers,buds, leaflets and bonded them in place.
  Am creat florile, bobocii, frunzulitele si le-am lipit conform imaginii.
I painted the branch.
  Am pictat ramura.
- I drew  the waved line and the heart.
 I painted the whole  area with gold and red. 
   Am trasat linia ondulata si inima si am pictat zona cu auriu si rosu.
Detail of blossom heart

And so, my project with the blossom heart is ready.
I hope you like it!
Si astfel proiectul cu inima inflorita este gata.
Sper sa va placa!
Blossom heart

4 comentarii :

  1. Wow, what an amazing work of art! I am so impressed by all the work you put into quilling the flowers Suzana, your card is beautiful! Well done.

    1. Thank you, Beccy !
      I enjoyed a lot working at this project, at the transformation of your blossom branch.
      I hope I'll find more surprises in the future, on your site.
      All the best,