Floare de Colt : August Challenge on Beccy's Place

duminică, 17 august 2014

August Challenge
on Beccy's Place

I would like to present my card, on Beccy's Place, for                   August Challenge.
Vreau sa prezint aceasta felicitare, pe site-ul Beccy's Place,  pentru provocarea lunii august.

Card with a blossom branch

I chose for my card the image: "Blossom branch, code #129".
Am ales din site imaginea numita "Ramura inflorita, cod #129".

Used materials: brush pens, heart punch, acrylic copper,
                          white card board, calking paper,
                          effect board for hearts, hobby glue.
Materiale utilizate: carioci "pensula", perforator inima,
culoare acrilica aramie, carton alb, calc, carton efect
pentru inimi, adeziv bricolaj.

 - I printed the image on the white board and painted the wavy area.

  Am tiparit imaginea pe carton si am pictat marginea ondulata.

- I colored the branch.
       Am colorat ramura.
- I printed the text on the calking paper.
       Am tiparit textul pe calc.

- I punched the two hearts.
     Am creat inimile.
- I bonded, using the hearts, the message of the card.
     Am lipit prin intermediul inimilor, mesajul felicitarii.

   And so, the card is done !    Enjoy it!

   I found the "Beccy's Place" site reading "Felicitari handmade".
   And I love it !

Update 1: August Challenge ( reloaded ):"Blossom heart"
              - same image in quilling technique.

              - aceeasi imagine in tehnica quilling.    

 Update 2:


2 comentarii :

  1. Great card Suzana, the colours are so lovely and vibrant! I really like the way you have used the little hearts to hold the sentiment on your card, what a great idea.

    1. Thank you, Beccy!
      I loved working with the blossom branch. And the hearts were suitable for it.
      Nice that you share with us all your beautiful pictures.