Floare de Colt : November challenge -on Beccy's Place - day 10

luni, 10 noiembrie 2014

November challenge -
on Beccy's Place - day 10

This is my card for day #10 (Wreaths) for November Challenge, on Beccy's Place".
 I used an image from  Beccy's site: "Foliage Wreath - code #71".

Christmas Wreath
Original image:
Colored image:

Used materials: two boards - one brown and one white on which I printed the colored 
                            image, an amber mesh, different craft accessories, glitter, 
                            "perlen pen" for writing the sentiment, an artist gel irisated  for  

The card in a previous stage of work.
(Felicitarea intr-o faza intermediara)

 Aceasta este felicitarea mea pentru ziua a 10-a a provocarii de noiembrie.
 Am folosit imaginea din site avand codul # 71 (Foliage Wreath).
Materiale utilizate: doua cartoane - unul maro si altul alb, pe care am tiparit color imaginea,
                              o plasa aurie, diverse accesorii de bricolaj, sclipici, "perlen pen" pentru
                              scrierea textului, gel irizat pentru fundal. 

2 comentarii :

  1. Wow, you're doing a great job with all your cards Suzana... I think you've done one every day of the challenge. Well done!
    I like the white card that you printed the image onto, the texture is lovely. I also like the fibrous mesh you added. The little rhinestones and shiny writing give the card some lovely sparkle.

    1. Thank you, Beccy.
      I liked also the effect of the fibrous mesh. It's for the first time I use it.